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Are you ready to reserve your DMCI unit?

Client Registration

Step 1: Fill out the initial client registration form. Here's the link client registration form
Step 2: Check your email address for the email confirmation.
Step 3: Click the link that will be provided and complete the client registration form.
Step 4: Check your email address for the email confirmation.

Unit Holding
Step 1: After the registration, an email will be sent by DMCI Homes. Click the option proceed to unit holding.
Step 2: Select the project and the unit that you would like to hold.

Unit Reservation
Step 1: After the unit holding, an email will be sent by DMCI Homes. 
Step 2: Click the option submit reservation agreement
Step 3: Fill-out then submit the reservation agreement.
Step 4: Click pay reservation and choose a payment portal.
Step 5: Please send the proof of payment to my email 

Once the unit reservation is complete, the next process is the completion of the requirements.

Here are the following initial requirements:
1. Photocopy of 2 valid IDs with 3 specimen signatures
2. Proof of billing
3. Proof of tin (If you do not have a tax identification number, please let me know)

Once the requirements are submitted, DMCI Homes will call you to verify your personal details, confirm the address on your proof of billing and the details of the unit that you have reserved.

The next step is the contract to sell preparation.

Step 1: I will send the final computation table that you need to sign.
Step 2: Once signed, you will send it back to my email address Soft copy is good. You can scan or take a picture of the signed computation.

Once the contract is released, we will meet for the contract signing. 

How will you pay your monthly amortization?
You can pay your monthly amortization through the following payment methods:

For local buyers:
1. Local remittance
2. Auto debit
3. Post dated checks

For buyers abroad:

1. International remittance
2. Auto debit 
3. Post dated checks

Once the contract to sell and the other DMCI documents are signed, I will submit everything to DMCI Homes for closing.

If you have further questions, please contact anytime
at 0917 360 6214.


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