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Jeremy Pascua (born January 6, 1986) is a Metro Manila based Real Estate
Salesperson with DMCI Homes Inc and Financial Advisor with Sun Life Financial.
Real Estate Career
Jeremy has been with DMCI Homes Inc since 2013. His career with DMCI Homes Inc has always been stellar. He has been the team's top producer in multiple years, he has experienced being a Sr. Property Consultant and a Sales Manager, and has always been loved by his clients.
Jeremy has been known as a type of property agent who's not a hard seller.
Every question you ask will be answered, but he won't push you to buy unless you say so. He is also known for giving every detail necessary to his clients. You can guarantee there will be no hidden charges when you buy a DMCI Homes development from him.
Financial Advisor Career
Jeremy is a new financial advisor. He became a part of Sun Life Financial only recently, but his future is already looking bright! When asked for his reason to why he joined Sun Life, his answer was "I still have time for a 2nd job so why not?"
His ultimate financial advisor goal is to give you the brightest future!
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