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The Importance of a Life Insurance during Covid-19

The pandemic has already taught us so many things in just a few months. We have learned that we could get by without Starbucks & Friday night is just like any other nights.

Who would have thought that aside from the usual things we do before the pandemic, we could still be more than who we used to be. Learning that you could actually survive without shopping is crazy! Not quite actually because you are probably still shopping, but online!

Kidding aside, life has been a crazy roller-coaster since day one of this pandemic.

While there might be good things it has brought to us, until a vaccine is made, we are at risk. Everyone is at risk of getting Covid-19 if exposed to the virus.

So while there's no vaccine available, all we could do to protect our health is by wearing a face mask, practice social distancing, and staying at home.

But did you know that aside from health risk, your financial is also at risk?

Now how would you protect yourself from that risk?

The answer is simple. LIFE INSURANCE

Understanding Life Insurance

What is a life insurance?

It's a means of protection against financial loss. In case of a disaster covered by the policy, the burden is basically transferred from you to the insurer.

If the insured got infected by the virus, the insurer will help pay the hefty hospital bills.

If the insured dies from the virus, a death benefit will be given to the beneficiaries.

If you have a life insurance, it is not just you who is protected, but also your family.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has raised awareness about the importance of having a life insurance. It's an added protection from the virus!

Most life insurance companies have a policy with critical illness or comprehensive health benefits that cover complications caused by COVID-19 (such as acute cardiac injury, acute respiratory failure, liver failure and acute kidney injury)

Do you need one? Yes, more than ever!

Protect yourself and your family from financial loss.

If you already have a coverage, please make sure to continue to pay your life insurance premium to maintain your policy in effect.

Jeremy Pascua

Financial Coach

Globe: 0917 360 6214

Smart: 0949 998 9880


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